DE/EN »SECRETS« is the fourth album of the Cologne formation Stone Diamond. In the remote Ardennes Gum Studios (Marvin Gaye, Chet Baker, BAP, Toten Hosen) an album was created, which combines different genre elements to a large, wild-harmonic whole. Rugged rock guitars, atmospheric sounds, earwig hooks, insane lyrics … Supported by illustrious guests like Rhani Krija (Sting, Sarah Connor, Xavier Naidoo) and parts of the Seeed brass section, cleverly produced by bassist / vocalist Cy Alamouti, the trio has created a sound cosmos, where not only grooving like hell, but feeling and hardness enter into a highly turbulent relationship. Funky grooves, power pop, ballads without beats, rock mercilessly. Hey Louise, I Am Tomorrow, Anyone, Oh Lord. Thumbs up and smiley for the “Real Men In A Digital World”